Dolbey’s Fusion Speech Recognition for Pathology is reducing transcription costs and report turnaround times while improving the quality of patient documentation and care.

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Fusion Narrate for Pathology

Speech Recognition for Pathology

Fusion Narrate is an advanced speech recognition solution that allows pathologists to navigate, create, edit, and sign notes directly in the lab’s information system.

Eliminate after-hours documentation! Pathologists using Fusion Narrate spend less time documenting cases and have more time for family and friends.

"I now get my cases done early and get home on time… I love it!"

Pathologist 11/10/2020

Since 1967 our companies have been delivering dictation, transcription and speech recognition technologies to pathology labs like yours. We have in-house experts that specialize in pathology workflow along with a dedicated technical support team to ensure that you see positive results and achieve your goals.


We specialize in speech recognition technologies and the unique reporting workflow within the pathology environment. We’ve worked with every major anatomic pathology and LIS on the market. Fusion Narrate delivers unmatched voice navigation and accuracy that saves time, optimizes your AP System, and maximizes your ROI.


See how Fusion Narrate makes clinical documentation a breeze with a 14-day FREE trial.

Fusion Narrate for Pathology

Fusion Narrate uses patent-pending technology to enhance voice navigation and a pathology specific context to maximize speech recognition accuracy.

In this short video, you’ll see how the application is used to complete a two-part report in a dermatopathology workflow.

Fusion Narrate Works in EVERY AP/LIS 

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Front and Back-end speech recognition along with standard dictation options are available from a single application.
Supports interactive templates and normals.

Exclusive Pathology-Specific speech recognition context for maximum accuracy.

Unique “Interface-Free” design allows for  a more economical and flexible deployment.

Management reporting: track report turnaround time, productivity, speech recognition accuracy and more.

Q/A capbility ensures quality reporting and patient care.

24/7 Support - We’re here for you 365 days a year including nights & weekends because we know Pathology isn’t just a 9 to 5 job.


Watch the Recording! 

During this fast-paced 30 minute presentation, we share key strategies for an effective speech recognition implementation, along with a live demonstration of Dolbey’s  speech recognition solution for Pathology.

"Since switching to the Fusion speech recognition solution my turnaround time and quality of reporting have noticeably improved... I prefer Fusion speech recognition over transcription regardless of the complexity of the case."

Dr. Brent Hall

President & Laboratory Medical Director

Appalachian Regional Medical Center

Pathology Associates of Boone

Review: Fusion Pathology Speech Recognition

The Fusion Narrate speech recognition solution works in every major AP/LIS and EHR on the market. And, there are no interfaces required!

"Honestly one of the most incredible speech recognition applications I've ever used in." Pathologist 10/15/2020

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We're Here to Help!

Here are THREE easy ways to get started using the best pathology speech recognition application on the market. 

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Finding the best speech recognition at D
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For the Do-It-Your-self-er!

If you love technology, and comfortable trying new applications on your own,  register and Download Fusion Narrate here for a 14-day free trial.

For the You-Tuber!

Watch a quick 9-minute demo (or two or three) and then sign-up for your 14-day free trial.

If you need help - we're only a (free)  phone call away.

For the Validator!

Hey, we get it, pathology documentation is challenging!

Send us a quick note and we'll set up a remote live demo and discuss your specific needs!

Sign-up for your 14-day Fusion Narrate trial. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step Number 1

Register & receive the easy to follow email instructions.

Step Number 2 

Download, log-in and open the Fusion Narrate Tutorial.

Step Number 3 

Here are a couple of Fusion Narrate Tips & Tricks to start you off!

Download Fusion Narrate and start using it today!

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Why Customers Love Fusion Narrate

Product has needed functionality.

Keeps promises.

Would buy again.

Review: Fusion Pathology Speech Recognition


"Since switching to Fusion speech recognition for pathology my turnaround time and quality of reporting have noticeably improved... I prefer Fusion voice recognition over transcription regardless of the complexity of the case."

President & Laboratory Medical Director

"I love Fusion speech recognition. I can see what is being put into the report as I'm working.  I don't have to remember 40+ cases several hours later and hope that they are typed correctly and/or I don't miss something."

N. Riddle, MD, Pathologist

Fusion Narrate for Pathology Helps Expedite Synoptic Reporting


Use Fusion Narrate speech recognition to complete CAP CANCER PROTOCOLS directly in your laboratory information system. The unique navigation features within Fusion Narrate ensure that each report is completed quickly and with the necessary required elements.


Benefits of Fusion Narrate for Pathology:

  • Expedites the completion of CAP Cancer Protocols and Synoptic reporting

  • Integrates into pathologist AP-LIS workflow

  • Supports and aids the pathologist in the diagnostic process

  • Standardizes the reporting workflow of cancer patient data

  • Speeds-up communication between pathologists, clinicians, and cancer registrars


NOTE: CAP eCC Releases

New and revised CANCER PROTOCOLS AND CANCER BIOMARKER REPORTING TEMPLATES are the responsibility of each CAP eCC customers.  

Certified Speech Recognition Traineing.p

The training we received from the DVS certified training staff was instrumental to physician speech adoption and helping us achieve our goals.

Cathy Clawson, MHIIM, RHIA, CCS

Director, Health Information Management

DVS is here to Ensure Adoption of Your Technology


Training and Adoption Services are an integral part of our implementation plan to ensure you get the results you expect.


Our certified trainers are experts with years of experience working with pathology reporting and document workflow. They have a deep understanding of the technical challenges surrounding the deployment of speech solutions within every major Lab Information Systems. Moreover, they understand the need to help providers learn to use pathology voice recognition applications, within their personal workflows, to save time and improve their quality of documentation.


What this means to you is that our industry-leading speech recognition solution for pathology comes with a team dedicated to helping your providers and support staff effectively and efficiently adopt the technology and achieve positive results.

"Great service. Cost less than Dragon and has many more features...Highly recommend." Pathologist, 1/7/2021

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