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During this fast-paced 45-minute demo you’ll see how Fusion CAC uses Artificial Intelligence to:

  • increase coder productivity and accuracy;

  • enhance collaboration between Coders, CDS and Providers;

  • deliver better financial outcomes with fewer denials, fewer A/R days and improvements in DNFB and CMI;

  • and streamline revenue cycle processes to optimize reimbursements.


Are you ready to see what artificial intelligence can do for you?

Tune-in and watch the live demonstration of Fusion CAC, the award-winning computer-assisted coding solution, from Dolbey!

*In the past 8-years, Dolbey has earned more KLAS awards for CAC and speech recognition, than any other company!

The webinar is being presented by DVS, A Premier Dolbey Partner.

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RECORDED: October 17, 2018

How Artificial Intelligence is guiding CDI to better outcomes with measurable results.

Dolbey, the winner of the 2017 and 2018 KLAS Best in Category for Computer-Assisted Coding, has raised the bar for Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) platforms.

Watch the recording of a live demonstration to see how Dolbey is using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve overall documentation quality and help capture the revenue your care deserves.


  • In this fast-paced 45-minute webinar you’ll see how Fusion CDI utilizes AI to concurrently scan patient documentation for completeness and accuracy.

  • As documentation is being created, AI-powered applications are working to identify, prioritize and provide feedback based upon HCC’s, MCC/CC’s, readmissions, length of stay and much more.

  • Fusion CDI delivers content intelligence with insightful analytics to CDI and Revenue Managers with a real-time view of volumes, back-logs, daily CMI, billed charts and the associated revenue.

  • We will also take a few minutes for Q/A so, be sure to bring your questions!

The webinar is being presented by DVS, A Premier Dolbey Partner.

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