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Our Latest WEB-EVENT

Improve Coding and CDI Outcomes with Realtime Analytics

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There is an old adage that says; “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Join us and learn how HIM and Revenue Cycle managers are using computer-assisted coding (CAC) with artificial intelligence to deliver real-time statistics that help: 

  • Identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks. 

  • Track coder productivity and accuracy.

  • Measure & enhance collaboration between Coders, CDS and Providers.

  • Streamline the revenue cycle processes to optimize appropriate reimbursements.

  • Deliver better financial results with fewer denials, fewer A/R days and improvements in DNFB and CMI.


During the 45-minute live demonstration, you’ll learn how Fusion CAC, the award-winning AI solution from Dolbey, delivers real-time analytics that help healthcare leaders make informed decisions and achieve higher outcomes. 


Discover what Fusion CAC can do for you.


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Bridging the Gap Between Coding and CDI

Recorded | April 9, 2020

The following presentation, “Bridging the Gap Between Coding and CDI”’ was delivered remotely to the NCHIMA State meeting due to COVID-19. Doing this as a webcast allowed us to record and subsequently share it with others in the AHIMA community. 

  • During this 45-minute recording, you’ll learn how some of the latest technologies can help bring coding and CDI teams together to eliminate rework and maximize outcomes with a collaborative approach and a more efficient workflow.

We hope you find the video informative. If you would like more information or a copy of the presentation slides, please contact Kristi Fahy:

Note: The presentation covers a lot of valuable content however; it is an informational webinar and is not eligible for CEU’s outside of the original conference parameters.

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The Impact of Computer-Assisted Coding Software on CDI

Hosted by Intellis | DVS teams with Intellis to provide knowledge-based training and valuable CDI program services and solutions.

The Impact of CAC Software on CDIAllison Van Doren with Kristi Fahy
00:00 / 34:25

VP of Clinical and Quality Services Allison Van Doren, RN BSN CCDS CDIP CRC talks with our very own Kristi Fahy, RHIA, Account Executive, and OHIMA Board member. The pair discuss the latest developments in computer-assisted coding (CAC) and the impact on clinical documentation integrity (CDI).

About Your Podcasters

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Allison Van Doren, RN BSN CCDS CDIP CRC, serves as Vice President of Clinical and Quality Services for Intellis. She brings over 15 years of cardiac and surgical care nursing experience at academic medical centers as well as extensive experience with CDI, quality initiatives, HIM, and EHR. Allison’s passion for CDI focuses on both education and quality. As a recognized industry expert, she possesses a deep understanding of clients’ complex needs. She is committed to providing knowledge-based training and delivering valuable CDI program services and solutions.

Kristi Fahy Podcaster.jpg

Kristi Fahy, RHIA, serves as a member of the OHIMA Board and an Account Executive with DVS. Her career has been focused on HIM on supporting initiatives for clinical documentation improvement, coding, and information governance. In her current role, Kristi is committed to positioning healthcare organizations for success through computer-assisted coding and CDI technologies. Prior to working at DVS, Kristi was a subject matter expert at AHIMA and developed key resources to promote and support the HIM profession.

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Watch a live demo of Fusion CAC


During this fast-paced 45-minute demo you’ll see how Fusion CAC uses Artificial Intelligence to:

  • increase coder productivity and accuracy;

  • enhance collaboration between Coders, CDS's and Providers;

  • deliver better financial outcomes with fewer denials, fewer A/R days and improvements in DNFB and CMI;

  • and streamline revenue cycle processes to optimize reimbursements.


Are you ready to see what artificial intelligence can do for you?

Tune-in and watch the live demonstration of Fusion CAC, the award-winning computer-assisted coding solution, from Dolbey!



Dolbey earned Best in KLAS for CAC - AGAIN! That's four years in a row!

Tune in and learn how Dolbey is using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve overall documentation quality and help capture the revenue your care deserves.