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Pathology Speech Recognition Doesn't Have to be Scarry!

Sign-up today and watch the recording of our Special Halloween Presentation and see how Fusion Narrate makes Speech Recognition for Pathology


In this fast paced 30-minute webinar you’ll see a live demonstration of Dolbey’s award-winning speech recognition solution for pathology.


We’ll share a few TRICKS to help you improve documentation efficiency and hand out a special TREAT at the end!

If you’ve considered speech recognition for your lab but been too AFRAID to look, you should attend this presentation Don’t be SPOOKED by speech recognition - register today! 

*In the past 8-years, Dolbey's speech recognition solutions have earned more KLAS awards than any other company!

The webinar is being presented by DVS, A Premier Dolbey Partner.

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*RECORDED - See how Fusion Narrate's phenomenal accuracy and voice navigation is helping to improve patient documentation. 

Doctors Suffering from Click-Fatigue?

Request a link to the recording and see a demonstration of Fusion Narrate, the latest speech application from Dolbey’s award-winning speech team. 


Fusion Narrate is a cloud-based speech application that uses recurrent neural network learning to provide exceptional accuracy along with patent-pending technology to enhance voice navigation and reduce click-fatigue


Watch the recording today and learn how to improve documentation quality and save healthcare providers thousands of clicks per month!

Dolbey has earned more KLAS awards for speech recognition technology, in the past seven years, than any other company.

Sponsored by DVS, A Premier Dolbey Partner.

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