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For nearly fifty years DVS has been a leading provider of voice processing and document distribution solutions to the medical and legal markets.


Our experience has taught us that it takes more than great technology to make a great application. It’s about matching the right workflow and phenomenal training with the technology that makes an application great.


Speech recognition solutions from Dolbey, IDS and Nuance delivered by our award winning implementation team insures organizations see positive outcomes with measurable results.

Dolbey Speech Recognition
The unique approach to integrating speech recognition into the healthcare workflow and their focus on customer support has earned Dolbey more KLAS awards in the past 5-years than any other speech recognition company!

FusionExpert Speech

Dolbey pioneered the idea of a single enterprise solution for all departments, clinics and specialties which allows providers to move from location to location without the need for separate licenses. With FusionExpert Speech™ healthcare organizations no longer need to have separate systems for radiology, HIM, pathology and ambulatory. FusionExpert handles it all. Different workflows for different departments? FusionExpert has it covered with standard dictation, along with frontend and backend speech recognition options to meet your needs.
Best-in-KLAS Fusion Speech
Fusion SpeechEMR™ offers physicians the ability to utilize speech recognition within any EMR or third party application. The new feature of Fusion Expert® allows a physician to use speech recognition with recognized text inserted into almost any free form text area without the need of specialized interfaces to the third party application. Physicians now have the ability to dictate into not only Fusion reports, but also any medical reporting applications from any vendor or type. The Fusion Suite™ of products, which includes Fusion Expert, uses a single platform for all modalities of physician dictation and speech recognition.

Fusion SpeechEMR

Overview of FusionExpert Speech Recognition in 90-Seconds!

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Speech Recognition in your EMR



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FusionExpert for Radiology

Rated Best FOUR-YEARS in a Row!

Dolbey’s Award Winning Speech Recognition

for Pathology

FusionExpert for Radiology™ is a comprehensive, premise-based solution that combines Best-in-KLAS speech recognition technology with structured reporting, integrated productivity tools, unified worklists, report distribution & intuitive workflow.
Accurate, Dolbey’s award-winning solution employs the SpeechMagic recognition engine to deliver up to 99.8% accuracy. Higher accuracy means less editing.
Efficient, Dynamic report generation expedites workflow to improve productivity, reduce turn-around times, eliminate manual data entry, and enhance provider collaboration. 
Compliant, FusionExpert for Radiology™ supports structured data architecture to help reduce error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry. Dolbey's exclusive Q/A feature helps meet HIT regulatory standards.
Customizable, Individual dictation preferences are supported to accommodate maximum productivity - whether you self-edit or send to transcription for editing FusionExpert™ streamlines workflows and improves turnaround times.
Flexible Data Integration, Allows automated import of discrete data directly from modalities and through the DICOM SR, with third-party applications like HIT Notifi, Bayer/MedRad, and Radimetrics eXposure saving time & eliminating data entry errors.
Real-time Clinical Guidance, Fusion DocCheck™ with NLP technology provides effective clinical references at the point of documentation to provide more consistent reporting and specificity.
Critical Test Results Reporting, Rapid communication of critical findings with automated delivery to internal resources or integrated to your CTRM system for closed-loop regulatory compliance.

Martin L. Schwartz, MD, FACR Chairman, Radiology Saint Vincent's Health System, Birmingham, AL

"Since we installed Fusion Expert in June 2011, our report turnaround time has dramatically decreased. We are now providing near real-time final reporting during the day for inpatients, outpatients and ER patients. Most of our radiologists are using front-end self-editing tools, and we have found that after a short learning curve, their productivity returns to normal. The accuracy of the system is fantastic and the creation of templates and macros has facilitated an improved workflow. I am a first time VR user and I am very pleased with the Fusion Expert system. Our referring physicians appreciate the quick report turnaround time and the hospitals cost savings for transcription services is significant. Overall, Dolbey's Fusion Expert has exceeded our expectations and implementation was relatively painless."

Fusion Speech™


Dolbey, a world leader in clinical documentation solutions, delivers a comprehensive, speech-enabled reporting solution for anatomic pathology labs. This Best in KLAS, solution uses a patented, pathology specific, context to maximize voice recognition accuracy.


Fusion Speech recognition provides flexible options for every lab professional, users can choose between front or back-end speech recognition and traditional transcription workflows.


Fusion voice recognition for Pathology is designed to integrate with all major LIS and Digital Pathology systems without the need for interfaces.

Dolbey’s award winning speech recognition for Pathology is reducing transcription costs and report turnaround times while improving the quality of patient documentation and care.
Front and Back-end speech recognition along with standard dictation options are available from a single application.

Unique “Interface-Free” design allows for  a more economical and flexible deployment

Supports interactive templates and CAP reporting.

Exclusive Pathology-Specific speech recognition context for maximum accuracy.

Q/A module ensures quality reporting and patient care.

Complete management reporting: track report turnaround time, productivity, speech recognition accuracy and more.

24/7 Support - We’re here for you 365 days a year including nights and weekends because we know Pathology isn’t just a 9 to 5 job.

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Live Demo Recorded 12/10/2017

Speech Recognition for Pathology. 

"Since switching to Fusion SpeechEMR my turnaround time and quality of reporting has noticeably improved... I prefer Fusion speech recognition over transcription regardless of the complexity of the case."

Dr. Brent Hall

President & Laboratory Medical Director

Appalachian Regional Medical Center

Pathology Associates of Boone



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DVS Certified Speech Recognition Training & Support
Professional training and continuing support are essential to achieving quality and efficiency in reporting with speech recognition. The training we received from the DVS certified training staff was instrumental to physician speech adoption and helping us achieve our goals.

Cathy Clawson, MHIIM, RHIA, CCS

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DVS is here to Insure Adoption of Your Technology.


Training and Adoption Services are an integral part of our implementation plan to ensure you get the results you expect.


Our certified trainers are experts with years of experience working with clinical reporting and document workflow. They have a deep understanding of the technical challenges surrounding the deployment of speech solutions within every major Health Information Systems. Moreover, they understand the need to help providers learn to use these applications, within their personal workflows, to save time and improve their quality of documentation.


What this means to you is that our industry-leading software solutions come with a team dedicated to helping your providers and support staff effectively and efficiently adopt the technology and achieve positive results.