Computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement solutions from Dolbey use Artificial Intelligence to guide CDI to better outcomes with measurable results.

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Computer-assisted CDI software solutions from Dolbey help to improve the quality and integrity of clinical documentation resulting in improved reimbursements and patient care. Schedule a web-demo today.
Dolbey is Transforming Clinical Documentation with Artificial Intelligence.



Dolbey's award-winning development team has raised the bar for Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) software platforms.
The best time to capture better documentation is before patient discharge.  Fusion CDI employes artificial intelligence - and machine learning technologies to review and process both inpatient and outpatient charts. This technology enhances the CDI team's ability to review 100% of all cases for all payers.  All threats to the financial health of the organization can be litigated while the patient is still in-house.
Advanced Features
  • Custom Query Opportunity Indicators

    • Advance your CDI program by using Fusion CDI to pinpoint Query Opportunities on an easy to use worklist.

    • Fusion CDI’s artificial intelligence focuses on cases with documentation deficiencies or potential quality issues, so their time is used more efficiently. AND MORE...

  • CDI Collaboration at Point of Care

    • Fusion CAC enhances the entire CDI experience with AI and collaboration tools. 

    • Providing a full workspace for both coding and CDI – allowing them to leverage the power that AI brings to the collaborative workspace. 

  • Concurrent Workflow

    • As documentation is being created, AI-powered Fusion CDI allows for real-time patient census queues that filter based on demographics and clinical indicators.  Fusion CDI prioritizes based upon MCC/CC’s, readmissions, length of stay and much more.

Fusion CDI Administration and Analytics


A standard feature of Fusion CDI is the Administration and Analytics module. This powerful tool is designed for CDI and Revenue Managers to monitor, track and validate documentation.  Often, clinical documentation improvement specialists work out of multiple applications which makes reporting and accountability nearly impossible.  With Fusion CDI, you can truly manage the entire revenue process in a single application.

  • The Management Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of patient daily census, AI monthly accuracy, CDIS users online working, open queries, DRG’s reconciled, and productivity for the current week with the revenue associated in real time.  For multi-site organizations, view data at a high level of focus on the detail of one hospital or one group of users.

  • Daily Calendar details statistics of expected revenue, the daily case mix index (CMI), as well as the CDI differential for DRG’s, and the total number of inpatient and outpatient discharges.


Fusion Encoder Integration


Fusion CDI & CAC have the ability to work with every major encoder solution in the market. Dolbey has interface licensing agreements with both 3M and TruCode that allows us to combine the features of Fusion CDI & CAC with the encoder as an integrated solution.


With Fusion CDS's don’t start with blank screens and reference materials; they start with query opportunity indicators and links to the supporting documentation.  As CDS validate the results they have real-time exposure to interactive edits and the concurrent DRG to help determine the correct code selection.


With Fusion CDI’s integrated solution you can work more efficiently; saving time and reducing costs. 

Fusion CDI with Artifical Intelligence
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