Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition for Professionals

We offer a complete array of flexible solutions from Dolbey, Philips, Olympus and Nuance, world leaders in dictation and speech recognition, to meet the demands of today's law firms. 
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Digital Dictation as Easy as one, two, three

Record your dictations anywhere, at any time and get your finished documents in just three easy steps.

01 Speak

Flexible Options allow you to Record your documents with a Smartphone App, Digital Portable or PC Dictation with SpeechMike.

02 Send

Upload or automatically synchronize your recordings to your in-house Philips SpeechHub or SpeechLive in the cloud.

03 Done

Start transcribing or let SpeechLive transcription services do the typing for you.

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Dictation Apps: Make your smartphone smarter!

Record, edit and send your dictation files from anywhere in the world. Philips Enterprise SpeechHub and SpeechLive work seemlessly  the Philips dictation app.


The full version of the Philips dictation recorder App is designed to fit perfectly with the SpeechLive and Enterprise workflow.


The smart file status icons help you to follow the progress of your recordings and easily track the status of your dictations at a glance.


The Philips dictation recorder App offers full editing functions such as insert, overwrite, and append for professional recording control.
Available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Apple iOS



Improve Practice Productivity with Dragon Speech Recognition.

Dragon speech recognition combined with Philips dictation technology enables fast, efficient and accurate dictation of documentation in the office or even while visiting clients. Robust transcription and powerful customizations can be easily shared and deployed across any size practice or legal department. 

Seamlessly turn around legal materials with your voice rather than typing, and streamline client and case documentation to improve overall productivity for your entire practice
Easily deploy, measure and centrally manage all dictation users, workflow and devices across your enterprise.  Improve the attorney to support staff ratio by sharing resource throughout your organization.
With Flexible dictation options legal professionals can use speech recognition to complete briefs, letters and emails at their desk or, using a digital portable or an app, take notes while visiting clients for later transcription and speech editing.
Reduce transcription costs, increase revenue and improve client service - without adding staff - by decreasing the time it takes to document case, client information, contracts, briefs and other legal materials.

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DVS Delivers.

For nearly fifty years DVS has been a leading provider of voice processing and document distribution solutions to the legal market.


Our experience has taught us that it takes more than buying a simple software application to produce great results. We take time to listen to your goals and develop a deep understanding of your workflow before making any recommendations. We’ll help you choose the best technology for your infrastructure and then deliver a solution backed by our award winning implementation and support team.


DVS, delivering positive outcomes with measurable results.

...thank you so much for the great support, in today’s world customer service is almost a thing of the past but I have had such a pleasant experience with you and Dan. Thanks again!

Danyelle Grant

Training & Development Specialist

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Professional training and continuing support are essential to achieving quality and efficiency in reporting with speech recognition. The training we received from the DVS certified training staff was instrumental to speech adoption and helping us achieve our goals.

Cathy Clawson

Director HIM

DVS is here to Insure Adoption of Your Technology.


Training and Adoption Services are an integral part of our implementation plan to ensure you get the results you expect.


Our certified trainers are experts with years of experience working with legal reporting and document workflow. They have a deep understanding of the technical challenges surrounding the deployment of speech solutions whether you are a single practitioner or an international firm. Moreover, they understand the need to help attorneys learn to use these applications, within their personal workflows, to save time and improve documentation.


What this means to you is that our industry-leading software solutions come with a team dedicated to helping your providers and support staff effectively and efficiently adopt the technology and achieve positive results.

Ready to get started?
A DVS specialist can help evaluate your workflow and make recommendations that best suit your needs. We'll even walk you through the sign-up and configuration process.
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