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Click fatigue is real. Fusion Narrate’s incredible speech accuracy & unique, patent pending, voice navigation tools help providers eliminate thousands of clicks per month!

Fusion Narrate

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EMR Click Fatigue? We are here to help.

“Exceptional speech accuracy and voice navigation! Fusion Narrate has eliminated more than 60% of the time I used to spend pointing and clicking. This application gets me to places in my EMR that no other product could.
I would never go back to life pre-Fusion Narrate.”
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Less Clicking - More Caring

Introducing Fusion Narrate from Dolbey. Rated Number-1 in medical speech recognition software;  Dolbey has redefined the way healthcare providers interact with their EMR.

The AMA along with Dolbey are paying close attention to physician burnout and the impact that point & click and EMR technology is contributing to this issue. Let us show you how we dramatically reduce mouse clicks, provide a more positive EMR documentation experience and give your providers more quality time with patients.

  • Improve satisfaction scores - Providers spend more quality time with patients and less time in front of a computer screen. 

  • Combat physician burnout – dramatically reduce mouse clicks and provide a more positive EMR documentation experience.

  • Faster turnaround time – leads to better patient care.

  • Improve provider’s quality of life – physicians spend fewer hours on documentation avoiding after-hours work.


  • It is economical - with no up-front capital expenditure.

  • Improve profitability – Cut transcription costs, maximize staff efficiency. 

  • It is easy to deploy – cloud-based application less than 2-minutes to download.

  • It works in every major EMR.

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Fusion Narrate speech recognition solutions are delivered by our award-winning implementation team to ensure that your providers will see positive outcomes with measurable results.



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