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Fusion Narrate

Speech Recognition for Pathology

The highest-rated speech recognition solution in healthcare.

"Since switching to Fusion speech recognition for pathology our turnaround times and quality of reporting have noticeably improved..."

President & Laboratory Medical Director

Boone, NC

Fusion Narrate is Reducing Costs and Report Turnaround Times while Improving Staff Morale.

"Initially only 5 of our lab professionals used Fusion speech recognition but, more and more jumped on board because they saw that those who used it were getting their work done early. Now all 26 are using it. It has been a win-win. We are getting 20 -30% more work done by 5:00 and the pathologists are happy to be going home on time, no more after-hours charting.”
Craig H., Information Technology|Applications Development Manager
Birmingham, AL


Pathologists and Lab Professionals

  • Simple to learn and easy to use.

  • It provides a more positive documentation experience.

  • Improve provider’s quality of life – physicians spend fewer hours on documentation avoiding after-hours work.

Administration and Management

  • Fusion Narrate is an affordable, subscription-based application. Improves profitability – cuts transcription costs and maximizes staff efficiency.

  • Faster turnaround time equals faster reimbursement.

  • Improve Staff Morale. And...

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Since 1967 our companies have been delivering dictation, transcription, and speech recognition technologies to pathology labs like yours. We have in-house experts that specialize in pathology workflow along with a dedicated technical support team to ensure that you see positive results and achieve your goals.

We’ve worked with every major anatomic pathology and LIS on the market. Fusion Narrate is the highest-rated speech recognition application in healthcare and delivers unmatched voice navigation and accuracy to save time, optimize your LIS, and maximize your ROI.

You are the BEST!
Thank you again! I can’t say it enough but thank you for always being there and helping us resolve issues.
You are AMAZING and I really appreciate your knowledge, service, and hard work.

D. Hernandez, Western Region Laboratory Information Systems Manager
Anatomic Pathology Division, Las Vegas, NV

"I love Fusion speech recognition. I can see what is being put into the report as I'm working.  I don't have to remember 40+ cases several hours later and hope that they are typed correctly and/or I don't miss something."

N. Riddle, MD, Pathologist


Hundreds of anatomical pathology laboratories have turned to Fusion Narrate to improve staff productivity.

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Fusion Narrate speech recognition solutions are delivered by our award-winning implementation team to ensure that your providers will see positive outcomes with measurable results.




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