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Fusion CAPD is designed to encourage physician front-end documentation improvement, to minimize retrospective queries and improve financial outcomes.

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Fusion Narrate CAPD | Real-time and Interactive | Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation

Fusion Narrate CAPD from Dolbey uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver real-time CDI feedback to physicians during the documentation process.

  • Fusion CAPD leverages the power of AI to provide clinical guidance, while the physician is dictating or typing, so that the patient record is accurate and compliant right from the start.


Simple and unobtrusive ensuring physician satisfaction

  • Fusion CAPD is an optional feature of Fusion Narrate, Dolbey’s cloud-based speech recognition solution. The computer-assisted physician documentation feature engages clinicians within their natural documentation workflow and only when the application finds a need for further input.


Frontend Clinical Documentation Improvement Solution

  • Fusion CAPD ensures that each encounter can be ICD-10 coded, impacting DNFB and HCCs for risk adjustment. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Fusion CAPD enhances the front-end speech recognition functionality of Fusion Narrate by presenting advice concerning the specificity of diagnoses.


Minimize Physician Queries

  • Fusion CAPD verifies that all documentation contains the needed specificity, up-front, to minimize disruptive, retrospective queries and significantly boosts the productivity of both physicians and CDI specialists (CDIS).

Dolbey has been providing document improvement solution for over 100 years!

Dolbey is Transforming Clinical Documentation with Artificial Intelligence.

Dolbey's enterprise-wide suite of products harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance workflow and improve your revenue cycle.
With the combination of Fusion CAC computer-assisted coding, Fusion CDI clinical documentation improvement, and Fusion CAPD computer-assisted physician documentation solutions Dolbey delivers a true end-to-end platform that leads to better productivity and patient care.
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Fusion Narrate speech recognition solutions are delivered by our award-winning implementation team to ensure that your providers will see positive outcomes with measurable results.



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