Computer-assisted Coding with Artificial Intelligence

Fusion CAC is the Top-Rated computer-assisted coding product in healthcare - AGAIN.

Fusion CAC is the most advanced and awarded computer-assisted coding product on the market for inpatient, outpatient, and professional coding.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system starts coding from the time of admission through discharge – and beyond. The AI engine searches deep into the patient chart to review all documentation, relevant historical data and looks post-discharge for any new or delayed incoming information, such as labs, that could affect the final DRG.

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Increase Coder Productivity

Everything is available in a single workspace. No need to jump from one application to another, Fusion CAC delivers pre-coded charts, integrated access to the encoder, query updates, pending reports notification and more.

Increase Revenue | Reduce Risk
  • Increased Accuracy decreases denials.

  • Increased Productivity lowers DNFC and DNFB.

  • Improved query response rates accelerate the billing process.

  • Reduce AR Days.

  • Improved CMI.

Improve Coding Accuracy

Using sophisticated AI technology and machine learning, Fusion CAC reduces variability with accurate code suggestions, backed with a full audit trail for code and CDI validation.

Provide Real-time Analytics

Fusion CAC includes the most robust reporting package available. With real-time, up to the minute analytics, managers have results available at their fingertips. There is no need to wait for vendor response to questions about productivity, CMI trends, DNFB, query response rates, discharges, total charges, estimated reimbursement, and more.

What makes Fusion CAC better than 3M, Optum or any other computer-assisted coding product? 

  • Experience – Fusion CAC has been in production since 2007.

  • Technology – Dolbey's AI with Machine Learning takes a deeper look into the patient story to deliver more accurate results.

  • Workflow – aligns coders, CDI specialists, providers, and management within a concurrent, collaborative workspace.

  • Analytics – real-time and ad-hoc reporting at your fingertips.

  • Flexibility – configured based on your facility’s unique specifications.

  • Support – the highest satisfaction rate in the industry.


Fusion CAC named KLAS Category Leader 4-years in a row! 

Here is what healthcare professionals are saying:

VP Revenue Cycle
"We thought we had an efficient CAC/CDI solution, and then we saw Fusion. It is unquestionably the most comprehensive coding and CDI workflow management solution we had ever seen. It wasn’t easy but, so glad we made the change. The results we are getting have exceeded our expectations."  

The selected statistics were gathered from: “2020 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services,” January 2020.

For the full report go to
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Kristi Fahy RHIA - DVS Account Executive

Meet Kristi Fahy, RHIA.  (Click Here) 

Kristi is our CAC/CDI Product Specialist!  


Fusion CAC Delivers Results from Day One.

Hospital System in West Florida

839-Bed, Level 2 Trauma Center

Inpatient Coder Productivity - Charts Per Day

The selected statistics were gathered from October 2019 go-live through January 2020. The average number of inpatient charts processed per day, per coder, increase by nearly 300% (Click Image to expand).

Daily DNFC (Days Not Final Coded)

The selected statistics were gathered from October 2019 go-live through January 2020. In this chart, DNFC improvement is measured in the $10's of millions of dollars (Click Image to expand).


"Fusion CAC is extremely user-friendly and makes the process of enhancing and coding easier. The product has made our staff more accurate, and that has made our billing better and faster."

So, is bigger better?

Consumer polls and the 2020 KLAS report suggests that working with a smaller, more nimble, technology partner can pay substantial dividends in results and satisfaction. 

Fusion CAC customers applaud the stability, usability, the quality of implementation and training as well as the support behind their solutions.

Further, detailed results show that Fusion CAC significantly outperforms competitive products in all areas. 


"We like that we can use Fusion CAC for both coding and CDI. The system is customizable, and we have it set up how we want. Dolbey didn’t require us to conform to their workflow, they accommodated ours."

Forget One-Size-Fits-All

We understand that every healthcare organization is different. Fusion CAC is designed to be configured based on your specific needs. 

Hear what a Fusion CAC/CDI Customer Says

Covenant Health System in East Tennessee has transformed its CAC and CDI program from manual to automatic, from costly to cost-effective and from retrospective to concurrent.

Fusion CAC Encoder Integration

Fusion CAC works with every major encoder on the market. Whether you are looking to keep or replace your encoder, Dolbey can help you out. Fusion CAC integrates with 3M, Optum, and TruCode and allows you to work with features of the encoder you choose.  As coders validate results, they have real-time access to interactive edits and the concurrent DRG to help determine the correct code selection.

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