Computer-assisted Coding

with Artifical Intelligence



Recorded - August 22, 2019


Fusion CAC earns the KLAS Category Leader Award 3-Years in a row! 

Explore how Fusion CAC's concurrent coding aligns coding and CDI teams to accurately code and document encounters while your patient is still being treated in the hospital.

Real-time collaboration helps CDI specialists and physicians translate clinical documentation into language that coders can use to improve accuracy and productivity. Fusion CAC provides a synchronized view that allows both teams to focus on high-impact cases, such as complex surgeries and long lengths-of-stay.

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Fusion Administration and Analytics


The Fusion CAC administration application is designed for Coding and Revenue Managers to capture real-time analytics, for each patient, during the entire clinical documentation process. From a single dashboard, managers can monitor coder productivity, pending, assigned and completed cases, and keep an eye on queries. Dolbey’s computer-assisted coding delivers measurable results from day one.

Improve clinical operations and boost revenue cycle management performance.

Fusion Encoder Integration


Fusion CAC has the ability to work with every major encoder solution on the market. It doesn't matter if you love or hate your encoder Dolbey can help you out. Dolbey integrates with 3M, Optum, and TruCode and allows you to combine the features of Fusion CAC with the encoder you choose. 


With Fusion, coder's don’t start with a blank screen and reference materials; they start with query opportunity indicators and links to the supporting documentation. As coders validate the results they have real-time exposure to interactive edits and the concurrent DRG to help determine the correct code selection.


With a Fusion computer-assisted coding integrated solution you can work more efficiently; saving time and reducing costs. 

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Meet Kozie V. Phibbs, RHIA.  (Click Here) 

Kozie is our CAC/CDI Product Specialist!  


Hear what a Fusion CAC/CDI Customer Says

Covenant Health System in East Tennessee has transformed their CDI program from manual to automatic, from costly to cost-effective and from retrospective to concurrent.

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