Computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement solutions from Dolbey use Artificial Intelligence to guide CDI to better outcomes with measurable results.

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Computer-assisted CDI software solutions from Dolbey help to improve the quality and integrity of clinical documentation resulting in improved reimbursements and patient care. Schedule a web-demo today.

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Dolbey is Transforming Clinical Documentation Processing with Artificial Intelligence.



The computer-assisted CDI software solution from Dolbey's award-winning development team ensures accurate and accountable reimbursement.

The best time to capture better documentation is before patient discharge.  Fusion CDI employs artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to review and process both inpatient and outpatient charts. This technology enhances the CDI team's ability to review 100% of all cases for all payers. Any threats to the financial health of the organization can be resolved while the patient is still in-house.

Advanced Features


  • Custom Query Opportunity Indicators

    • The Fusion CDI AI engine analyzes and identifies incomplete and inaccurate documentation in all clinical charts to pinpoint query opportunities.

    • The system continuously updates the clinical documentation specialist as new information hits the chart i.e. query replies, lab result or progress notes.

    • Queries can be managed and monitored from an easy to use worklist.


  • Identify and Track HCC’s 

    • Current and previous charts coded HCCs can be tracked and monitored to help predict health care costs in Risk-Adjusted covered plans.


  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators

    • Ensure your documentation meets population health medical necessity standards as you move into a value-based care model.


  • Concurrent Workflow

    • As documentation is being created, AI-powered Fusion CDI allows for real-time patient census queues that filter based on demographics and clinical indicators.

    • Work is queued up on admission each day with the reason for review (the routed reason). 

    • Fusion CDI prioritizes based upon MCC/CC’s, readmissions, length of stay,  PSI’s, and numerous other factors, all of which can be configured based on your specific case review needs.

Fusion CDI Administration and Analytics


A standard feature of Fusion CDI is the Administration and Analytics module. This powerful tool is designed for CDI and Revenue Managers to monitor, track and validate documentation.  Often, clinical documentation improvement specialists work out of multiple applications which makes reporting and accountability nearly impossible.  With Fusion CDI, you can truly manage the entire revenue process in a single application.


  • The Management Dashboard gives you a real-time, at-a-glance view of the daily patient census, AI accuracy, CDIS users online working, open queries, DRG’s reconciled, along with productivity and associated revenue.  For multi-site organizations, data can be viewed at a high level or on a detailed level of a single facility or one group of users.

  • Daily Calendar details provide statistics of expected revenue, daily case mix index (CMI), as well as the CDI differential for DRG’s, and the total number of inpatient and outpatient discharges.

Real-Time Analytics provideing managemen


Improve Coding and CDI Outcomes with Realtime Analytics

Learn how HIM and Revenue Cycle managers are using computer-assisted coding (CAC) with artificial intelligence to deliver real-time statistics that help:

  • Identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks.

  • Track coder productivity and accuracy.

  • Measure & enhance collaboration between Coders, CDS, and Providers.

  • Streamline the revenue cycle processes to optimize appropriate reimbursements.

  • Deliver better financial results with fewer denials, fewer A/R days and improvements in DNFB and CMI.

Fusion CDI with Artifical Intelligence

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A Full Suite of Intelligent Software Applications for CDI

Help guide physician’s documentation for greater specificity, improve coder efficiency and accuracy, streamline your CDI program effectiveness and manage it all with from a central location with analytics and reporting provided by AI and machine learning.

Fusion CAC
Award-winning computer-assisted coding software from Dolbey. 
Fusion CAC improves productivity by precoding both inpatient and outpatient charts and presenting them to coders for validation.

Fusion CDI
Computer-assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement. 

Fusion CDI helps CDI teams focus on cases with the greatest impact on quality, risk adjustment and financial outcomes.

Fusion DocAssist
Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation. 

Designed to encourage physician front-end documentation improvement and minimize retrospective queries by delivering real-time feedback during the documentation process.

Flexible Deployment Options
Each of these applications can be implemented separately or as an integrated solution for a single end-to-end platform that provides a complete and concurrent view of a patient’s care.