Fusion CAC earns KLAS Category Leader Award 5-Years in a row! 

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Dolbey Computer-assisted Coding software is rated #1.
Fusion CAC is number 1 in KLAS for 2020.
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For more than fifty years DVS has provided documentation improvement solutions for healthcare.

We specialize in computer-assisted coding, CDI and medical speech recognition solutions and serve as a premier Sales, Service & Support partner for Dolbey.  

Real-Time Analytics provideing managemen


Improve Coding and CDI Outcomes with Realtime Analytics

Learn how HIM and Revenue Cycle managers are using computer-assisted coding (CAC) with artificial intelligence to deliver real-time statistics that help:

  • Identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks.

  • Track coder productivity and accuracy.

  • Measure & enhance collaboration between Coders, CDS, and Providers.

  • Streamline the revenue cycle processes to optimize appropriate reimbursements.

  • Deliver better financial results with fewer denials, fewer A/R days and improvements in DNFB and CMI.


Dolbey is Transforming Clinical Documentation Processing with Artificial Intelligence.

Dolbey's enterprise-wide suite of products harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance workflow and improve your revenue cycle.


With the combination of Fusion CAC computer-assisted coding, Fusion CDI clinical documentation improvement, and Fusion CAPD computer-assisted physician documentation solutions, Dolbey delivers a true end-to-end platform that leads to better productivity and patient care.

Informative 90-second video from Dolbey!

Fusion CAC™

Best in KLAS Fusion CAC increases coder productivity and improves financial outcomes.

Deployed in more than ninety hospitals since 2007, Fusion CAC is the most mature and robust computer-assisted coding product on the market.  


Fusion uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to review and process both inpatient and outpatient charts. The 10’s of millions of charts already processed through Dolbey's extensive libraries and AI engine allows Fusion CAC to deliver the most accurate results possible. Charts are pre-coded and then presented to your coders for approval.


Fusion CAC can increase productivity, decrease variability, identify problem documentation for a quick return on investment.

Fusion CDI™ 

The computer-assisted CDI solutions from Dolbey employ the power of artificial intelligence to help improve the quality and integrity of clinical documentation resulting in improved reimbursements and patient care.


Fusion CDI, Dolbey’s computer-assisted documentation improvement solution, amplifies your CDI team’s ability to review data concurrently and provide critical input to quality, case management, and utilization teams. 

By leveraging artificial intelligence, and deep learning technologies, Fusion CDI dives deep into records to pinpoint the clinical documentation that improves outcomes and directly affects reimbursement.

Fusion CDI works in the inpatient, outpatient and professional services settings to review cases for quality metrics and scores, clinical validity, denials prevention and risk adjustment.  The system analyzes every encounter document allowing you to review 100% of your charts and extend CDI coverage to all payers.

Real-time analytics for CDI managers help them focus their teams on the cases with the greatest impact and provides leadership with in-depth insight into key performance indicators for quality, risk, and financial outcomes.


Fusion CDI workflow management enhances collaboration with CDI, Coding and HIM professionals, physicians and auditors with built-in tools for notes and queries.

- OR -

Fusion Narrate CAPD

​Real-time & Interactive Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation 


Dolbey is reinventing provider documentation with real-time AI-powered, clinical intelligence delivered as they document in their EHR for continuous improvement in patient care, physician satisfaction, and documentation quality.

Fusion CAPD, frontend clinical documentation improvement, ensures that the encounter can be ICD-10 coded, impacting DNFB and HCCs for risk adjustment by presenting advice concerning the specificity of diagnoses. 

Fusion CAPD significantly reduces disruptive and time-consuming retrospective queries by Clinical Documentation Specialists (CDS) to improve physician, CDS and coder efficiency.

Addressing everyday gaps in specificity at the time of documentation allows providers to deliver timely clinical documentation for improved patient care and revenue.

Informative 90-second video from Dolbey!

Hear what a Fusion CAC/CDI Customer Says

Covenant Health System in East Tennessee has transformed their CDI program from manual to automatic, from costly to cost-effective, and from retrospective to concurrent.

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